Whispers, words, and wanderings

Let’s write your list of what inspires you; whether it is a walk in the park, a magazine read, mooching round the shops or time with friends and squeeze as much into your week as you possibly can. And if it’s reading Blogs or watching Vlogs then scroll down to find some of mine.
I hope they put a skip in your step and a twinkle in your eye.

14 SepA new day, a new term, moments of infinite possibilities!

A new day I delivered three in service days across Scotland, in three different authorities, in three days last week. It’s…

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14 SepLet’s pretend with stories, songs and rhymes

From the moment they are born, babies learn about their world. As they grow older they will explore it in more…

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29 MayNarrowing the Vocabulary Gap Conference

#Scotland – the best place to grow up! A phrase we have been hearing and using for a few years now….

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27 MarThe Power Of A Hug

Last weekend I went with my mum to visit a new baby in the family, Baby Adam. The house was packed…

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27 MarWhy I Love My Job!!

This is my first blog, my first ever blog. I’ve often thought that I could perhaps write one, then thought but…

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