Play at Home

Children Love to play. It is a tremendous source of entertainment, amusement
and excitement for even the smallest child (and for adults!) But play is so much
more. Play is learning, it helps develop many kinds of skills in your growing

Playful learning helps build relationships, it helps bring you and you’re child
closer together in a positive, meaningful way. We have designed a few
fabulous ‘invitations to play’ for you to Play at Home with your little one. Each
item has irresistible ideas that will encourage interaction, curiosity and

Every day for your child is an exploration of the world around them, every new
face, place and item a discovery. The wonder and excitement of this time for
you both is really important, you are not just a parent but a teacher, a guide to
wonder, awe and amazement.

The development of your child is at the heart of every little idea we share. We
use over 30 years’ experience in education to, thoughtfully develop each little
product to nurture the development of your child. We put you at the centre of
leading your child to learn socially, emotionally, physically and of course

Play At Home Tins

We have created a series of Play Together, Learn Together collections. Each is bursting with learning through play ideas that are brought to life through games, activities, songs and rhymes to excite and engage both children and parents in equal measure. Your child was born to be curious.

They are immediately fascinated by the sounds and sights that surround them every day. Each experience your child is offered has the possibility to make an impact. If your child engages in a curious way they are more likely to investigate and explore.

Each tin includes a set of cards with lots of learning activities, suggestions for materials to share, games to play and rhymes to use.

Let’s Talk – Play at Home

Bonding Bags

Fill your child’s first five years with playfulness. Help them as they develop and learn. Surround them with toys and resources that encourage them to want to engage. We have created a set of Bonding Bags. Each has a rhyme and enticing ideas to bring the rhyme to life through playful interactions.

Each bag includes a card with a unique rhyme and lots of learning activities, suggestions for materials to share and little games to play.

Tweet Birds – Bonding Bag

We Are Glow Worms!

Join Cleo, Deebop and Yowee in this super illustrated book full of rhyme and rhythm – these glow worms are bound to get your little ones moving!  We have also included educational theory, thinking and play around physical and linguistic development.

Glow Worms – Move it, Shake it, Twist it, Turn it!

Our Glow Worms are all about the moves.What we hope for every child is physical fitness, and a really positive lifestyle. All the science proves better diet, fresh air, sunlight and exercise lead us to live healthier lives.

Enjoy sharing 16 different locomotor and non-locomotor movements while
creating little sequences with your child. Grab your Glow Worms Cards, find a space and have fun moving and grooving

Glow Worms

Bag of Buddies

Let your little one make friends with their feelings. These charming little
characters are small enough to sit in the palm of the hand. They are a glorious way to encourage your child to unlock and talk through their emotions.

Coming Soon

Song Box

There is a growing body of evidence that singing and music can help your child learn. Even before birth, your baby can hear voices, music and sounds, and comes to recognise the sounds of her environment.

Rhymes and songs encourage basic skills in movement, speech, cognition and perception for your little one.

The use of repetition, rhythm and rhyme support the development of language, building a vast vocabulary and allow them to communicate effectively.

Coming Soon