We provide continuous professional development for Early Childhood teachers, staff, children’s carers, and educators.

Doctors might save lives, scientists might change the world, architects might design the space we live in and artists might make it beautiful; but it all begins with a small child being encouraged by YOU to be curious, investigate and discover the world around them. Early Years Educators change the world, one small step at a time.

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Bespoke Training

Does your team need a little magic to make it sparkle? Alice will work with you to adapt her content around your theme, to ensure everyone leaves inspired, encouraged and motivated to make change. If you have a particular need, we can create a training day or programme that will enhance and enrich your play ‘offer’, as well as challenge and change approaches to learning.



Join our discussions which will excite, inspire and provoke your thinking! Our webinars will allow you to gain insight into some of the most successful approaches to teaching and learning in the early years.


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Put your reading glasses on…

Alice approaches every keynote, masterclass, and seminar or conference workshop with humour, insight and enthusiasm. She merges the theory, research and thinking of the day and translates it into how it should influence, shape and develop the play we share.

We are, each of us, the source of infinite possibilities for a child’s future but to inspire we must first feel inspired, to lead we need to be led and to give every day, we must find that which fills our own hearts and minds. Let us help you start your journey.

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Whatever the subject, if it’s a tiny consideration such as ‘building vocabulary’ or ‘improving your play around numeracy’ we create sessions that always consider the research, the thinking and the play.

We will help you look inwards at what is already in place, we will signpost looking outwards to seek new ideas and then support you moving forwards by modifying, adapting and changing your practice.

“A day with Alice put hope in my heart and ideas in my head! I know I will never look at a potato masher in quite the same way again – who knew the infinite possibilities it would hold for a child’s development?” — Ben Clay, London

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Sometimes you need a pair of binoculars to see the Big Picture… Alice to the rescue! Superman took his off but Alice puts on her superhero glasses!

Are you working on a big project that feels like something is missing? Do you need inspiration? From one day fixes to longer projects we can help you make some magic happen. From child development, enriching environments, provocative learning experiences and so much more.

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Depending on where you are on your journey, you probably can’t go for a walk without collecting a bag full of nature’s delights, and your ideal Sunday includes searching for the hidden treasures to be found in car boot sales and junk shops.

But sometimes it’s good to buy something new; something that has been thoughtfully created to provide open-ended play and endless possibilities. We have a range of resources available — for more information please get in touch.

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From good to outstanding! Develop and inspire your whole team. Feel the impact and effects of change within hours of beginning your Adventure journey.

Generate powerful proof of practice with the evidence you generate as you motivate your team. Together weave current theory, research and thinking into your play.

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About Alice

Alice employs her love of people and what makes them tick to approach the world of the child and the journey they take in a truly unique way.

Alice uses an experiential approach in her role as early childhood influencer, keynote speaker, mum and writer.


Would you like Alice to come and inspire you?

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