A new day, a new term, moments of infinite possibilities!

A new day

I delivered three in service days across Scotland, in three different authorities, in three days last week. It’s the start of a new term, and a new academic year.

Passion for children

Every one of the teams are positive, bursting with energy and eager to begin the year by considering firstly, secondly and finally the children in their care. Not one of over 70 professionals in our fabulous early years settings in Scotland are thinking of a particular approach, a curriculum document, a policy, a horrible inspection or an up coming inspection. They are thinking of their children. These tiny humans whose lives will be shaped in the next year.

Important stuff

We have discussed our hopes and aspirations for every child. We have shared big dreams. We have debated and collaborated over what should be our priority, and we all agree – happy, loved, nurtured children whose days are filled with fun and laughter. Let’s not lose sight of this. Let’s not let accountability get in the way of us, every day, creating and supporting engagement that is deep and meaningful.

Love and laughter

Listen for the giggles, look for the smiles and the cheeky smirks. Watch out for hesitancy and stillness, where a child is captured in the moment… thinking, plotting and deciding. Will they, won’t they? Sit back and feel the warmth of their exuberant trials and challenges as they investigate ideas and theories of their own.

Have a great year!!