Yes to Yoga!

There are many benefits to yoga, it helps us breathe, stretch, unwind and relax. So why shouldn’t children benefit from it too? Yoga is a great way for children to engage with their health, concentration, thoughtfulness and stress. Let’s take a closer look at why…

Helping Health 

Doing yoga regularly helps children to maintain their health since the poses help them to stretch and strengthen their muscles and also improves flexibility and coordination. As well as that, yoga increases blood flow which helps to reduce the risk of injury when children engage in other physical tasks and activities.

Crafting Concentration 

After children have started to practice yoga regularly, many adults notice an improvement in attentiveness and behavior. Yoga can act as a break that allows children to ‘switch off’ for a bit and then when they return to their activities, gives them a new burst of focus to continue with their play.


The breathwork in yoga helps significantly lower stress and anxiety, and gives children the opportunity to find a calm moment of reassurance and peacefulness in their otherwise busy lives. This is an extremely valuable skill to learn at a young age, helping with self regulation of anxiety and stress will benefit children well into adulthood. 


Mindfulness has become very popular over the last few years, it turns out the benefits are just as good for children as for results! Yoga helps to introduce mindfulness to children in a more engaging setting than perhaps mediation does. The stories used in children’s yoga can include a message for children to think about, and encourage mindfulness about the topic, whether it be confidence, sharing, communication, etc.

Stories and Song

Yoga for children can differ from yoga for adults in that there’s a lot more story-telling, soulful songs and wonderful word-play! This makes the activity more engaging, especially for younger children and it also aids language development, and pairing this with movements will benefit the kinesthetic learners in the group.

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