Sue Hale, Early Education (Oxford)

Thank you, Alice, so much for such a dynamic, interesting, inspirational talk. Given also that you were able to give so much of your wonderful spirit on top of a day of teaching to 190 foundation Stage staff! Thank you!

Thank you too, for referencing the pandemic, which figures so highly in all our minds. We all have grief, losses and wounds of varying degrees. We all also know that many young children were particularly harmed and their life experiences limited by this tragic pandemic in a myriad of ways.

We couldn’t have asked for a better person to do this talk. You are highly respected in this country and abroad and rightly so for all the work you have done and do! Thank you.

You always make sure there is very good content and that this is shared in an approachable exciting and informative way. Your communication skills are excellent and your exemplifications were original and exciting.

As always, the feedback was excellent. Thank you again so very much!

Thank you again too for the care, warmth and professionality of your team.