Benjamin Clay

We have begun trialing the new “Adventures with Alice” at two of our nurseries where we have welcomed very new teams and managers. LEYF are very aligned to the Alice Sharp approach to Early Years and have sent many of our teachers up to Glasgow to receive her training in person.

When we saw this new resource for staff CPD we couldn’t wait to try it out, it seemed obvious that having a virtual Alice attending our team staff meetings and training sessions might be a great approach to enhance our teachers CPD.

We have been delighted with the progress that the trial nurseries for Adventures with Alice have made so far, I have seen teacher’s knowledge and skills grow from participating in the staff meetings which Alice has virtually led through the training films. Teachers have deepened their understanding of pedagogy and are beginning to appreciate the importance of why we do what we do in an outstanding Early Years setting. The think and discuss prompts really help the teachers to understand and apply the theory and information that Alice shares.