Pamela Stein

We started our Adventure with Alice at the beginning of 2019 with the Curiosity Adventure. Quite quickly our staff were finding interesting provocations, parents were collecting keys, mashers and different textured balls for us. The nursery was buzzing with items of curiosity. Staff were enjoying watching clips from the training video in their weekly room meetings. The videos have been easy to access on nursery I pads. This has encouraged reflection and more specific discussion on what they are learning each day on the adventure. Parents quickly became involved on our adventures with our Superhero Family Day this was a suggestion from this excellent training Resource, that was new , quirky and full of learning but most importantly motivates all our practitioners. We are now about to finish adventure three and so far we have introduced wow moments, bonding bags, more individual welcome songs, provocations which promote Curiosity , Inquiry and Discovery, plus many more exciting and unusual ways to promote child development in the nursery setting. New staff that have started have enjoyed using the adventures as part of their induction. Being able to use this resource throughout induction has been a perfect way to encourage what we expect to see at our nursery. The Adventures with Alice so far, has encouraged our practitioners to be inspired, have fun and see what a difference they are making to the care and education they are providing within our setting. From my point of view as a manager leading this training, I have found this to be exciting motivational and a fantastic tool to be able to continue my staff’s learning every day. What other training tool can get a full staff team “wearing teddy bears” to work.