Five Fabulous Fascinations Retreat

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Join us for 4 days in the beautiful Welsh countryside to explore Five Fabulous Fascinations.

From Sunday 10th November until Wednesday 13th November.

During the nine sessions we will be invited to collaborate around in-depth, explorations of ideas, proposals and provocations that could be child or teacher initiated and involve individuals, groups of children or the whole setting.

Our time together will take the shape of an extended professional conversation. Sessions will be focussed on ‘doing’ experimentation, investigations and creations will be shared in the gardens, on a beach, in a darkened room and in three other curious spaces.

We will explore how we the adults can ‘inspire the spark’ in each child by creating opportunities in exciting and inviting environments . During each workshop we will be involved in preparation, generation, incubation and eureka moments. We will then gather all of these ideas and thoughts together, verify them and plan how to take them forward in out own settings

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