Helping our Children with Change

To change, to make or become different. Alter or replace, transform, or convert. A time for us all to try something new! Our environments are changing but that doesn’t mean we don’t still have control of our spaces…
More than ever before our world has changed. Almost everything around our children has changed. That can be unsettling or if we consider it and think of using it in a positive way it may make our practice better than before. Only time will tell.

Recent changes I have made

I certainly have tried something new recently. Webinars! Finding myself in the middle of the night talking at a computer screen to 2,500 teachers in Canada was a new journey for me. I continue to develop and deliver them now, but it is weird and not so wonderful sharing my space without you all as real delegates. Hopefully soon we will be able to get together and share pedagogical conversations and become active, collaborative, and productive.
Nonetheless, change can be a great thing! There are so many aspects of change to consider in our practice…What changes to the play will you make? Will you change a space, a technique, will you adapt or add to your pedagogical toolkit?

Changing your environments

Change is not easy for all children, so when we are implementing changes we must be mindful of how our children may react and deal with them. On the other hand, some children may be excited for change and new ways to play. One thing that can help the children to make a transition is to include them in the process of change where possible. Perhaps you would like to make changes to your home corner, maybe you can gather the children together and discuss the changes with them first, consider their suggestions and have them help to make the changes.

Changing your practice

As we learn and grow in our practice, some ways that we do things are bound to change. With more knowledge, we will learn ways to better our discussions, interactions, and practice. That doesn’t mean we have to change everything once we learn something new but building on top of the foundations of learning that we already have can lead to exciting changes! What theory has inspired you lately?
I would recommend diving deeply into Realising the Ambition, a new Scottish document, which I love but will use it all over the world not just at home. Explore the world of Guy Claxton, look at Conscious Creativity by Philippa Stanton (if you haven’t already) for some new inspiration…

Changing your play

Change doesn’t have to be out with the old, but it can mean in with the new! It’s always a great time to get excited about new activities and ways to play. As Adventurers, you may be used to thinking outside the box and this is an opportunity to keep doing so. Here are some prompts to get you started:
How can I reinvent an activity that encourages dramatic play?
Are my children still excited about their mathematical skills building?
Do my environments inspire, excite and encourage play of all kinds?
What is missing from my space that I can introduce in a new way?

The only way forward is embracing the new! Embrace the need for change. The biggest challenge will be time to consider and mull things over. Small steps. Remember one little drip in a pond often creates huge waves.
Try it out with your children and you can tag us with your ideas on instagram or share your photos on our facebook!