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In: Volume One

12 DecCuriosity

Curiosity. We begin with the child, their senses and how their innate curiosity should be enabled, supported and encouraged through the play we offer.

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16 JanConnections and Relationships

Is all about Connections and Relationships. We explore bonding and attachment and how important they are within our settings. We also look to considering the way the adults should consider the ten key emotional needs of every child.

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16 JanLanguage Development

Our focus moves to Communication and the art of listening and speaking. We discover a wide range of research on body language, tone and vocabulary development and explore the pyramid of language development.

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16 JanThinking

Thinking. We look a little more closely at the brain in order to understand the different kinds of thinking children become involved in during their play. We ‘visit’ self management, participative, working together, reflective, enquiry and creative thinking.

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16 JanCreativity

Creativity. We look at creativity in the widest possible way. Considering the creative process, inventiveness, freedom and possibility thinking. We explore and suggest many concepts and ideas to stimulate the creative juices in all areas of play.

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16 JanEmotional Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing. Here we highlight the importance of our considerations around emotional mental and physical wellbeing. A celebration of difference, how we promote and support a child’s self esteem, worth and value.

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