Volume Three: Pedagogy

What a delight to welcome you all to our third volume of Adventures with Alice! This is also something special. I have been lucky enough in my 30 years to work with the most amazing pedagogues, from childminders, students, aspiring practitioners to academics and thought leaders, each of whom have had an impact on shaping and informing my practice. My thinking was why not share some of them with you.

Meet Our Pedagogs

In volume three Alice will be exploring and discussing the various aspects of pedagogy with the help of three fellow experts in early years. Each bringing their own unique experiences, practices and opinions to the table. The four challenge and encourage each other to reflect and consider their opinions.

Alice Sharp

Early Years Imagineer, Creator of Adventures with Alice and MD of Alice Sharp Ltd and Experiential Play

June O'Sullivan MBE

Social Entrepreneur, Chief Executive – London Early Years Foundation

Moyra Bolland

Professor of Creative Pedagogy and Dean for Global Engagement, University of Glasgow

Anne Paterson

Professional Advisor in Early Years with the Scottish Government