Alice Training Days

Day One; Create a literacy rich environment

The more fun a child has learning new words, the more likely they are to carry on using them.  Practitioners who have a good understanding of child development and use effective strategies to promote every child’s communication skills are the best resource any setting could hope for.  Add to this a cacophony of provocative resources and spaces and adventures begin.

How do we ignite a passion for word play?  What is there in our play spaces to invite a child to talk spontaneously with enthusiasm and excitement?  The intentional selection and use of materials is central to the development of the literacy rich environment.

During the day you will:

  • Look at things differently and consider the resources and spaces you create every day from the perspective of language development.
  • Discuss with others how to foster a willingness to enable and support communication in all its forms.
  • Take time to reflect on the basic skills necessary for literacy development and how you demonstrate to children the function and utility of language in an intentional purposeful way.
  • Explore new and different ideas that will prepare children to embrace their learning with passion and enthusiasm; from phonemic awareness to vocabulary and comprehension.

Day Two: Curiosity, enquiry and investigation

Children are born naturally curious.  They should be eager to investigate and enquire about the world they find themselves in. It is therefore our job to offer a world of fabulous play to ensure they feel safe and are confident to act on that natural instinct to be curious.

The world is packed with sensory information. Bright lights, traffic noise, chatting people, the scents and aromas of foods, the feel of the sun or tickle of the rain. We now know that even before birth children learn about the world by tasting, touching, smelling, listening, looking and moving around.

In fact, children best develop their enquiry by actively participating in the world. Babies wiggle their fingers. Toddlers repeat sing-song words, children explore and experiment when offered the opportunity. Through each of these activities, children learn to process sensory input and they discover how they fit in with the world.

This will be a totally practical day. There will be many practical play experiences set up for delegates to explore, reflect on and develop.

During the day you will:

  • Look at the humble spoon in a completely different way!
  • Unleash your inner Sherlock Holmes and enjoy investigating, enquiring and being curious.
  • Play, laugh, talk, laugh, listen, laugh, think. OK, so we plan on making this day a lot of fun!
  • Roll up your sleeves, have a go, experience the new and different, familiar and novel which will lead to new and different thoughts.