Leading Pedagogy Modules

Leading Pedagogical Change

Join us for a series of 3 webinar modules focussing on Leading Pedagogy.

All webinars will be live and available for catch up for 72 hours.

Each session will come with a 10 page reflective booklet and certificate.

Hear what Alice has to say about the series here


Module One Agitate Our Practice

It is time to lead our practice, the way we engage our children, forward.

We need to step off the wheel.

Provoke, Stir Up and whisk in new approaches!

In this session we will

Consider our Play invitations.

Instead of Home Corner being what it always is, let’s explore The Hall, The Cupboard under the Stairs or the Garage to encourage interaction and engagement.

Reading and Research

Develop our ideas around two current pieces of research, including a piece on the importance of children using their hands and the impact it has on their mental wellbeing.

The Alpha Child

What should play look like for them? Curriculum is our WHAT, Pedagogy is our HOW but our children are our WHY! We must start with them and what they NEED, not what we think they should have.

Module Two Innovate for today, tomorrow and the Future

All of the statistics suggest our percentages of literacy, numeracy and scientific understanding is lower than ever before.

Our children are struggling to concentrate, pay attention, stay on task.

It is time to use innovative ideas, for our materials to be shared and presented in different ways to promote and provoke alternative responses.

In this session we will

Initiate two or three techniques of reengaging our children’s interests and excitement in role play

Introduce a wealth of ideas around developing skills and dispositions for play

Explore how we might create Maker Spaces for tinkering and tampering, moving STEM play into the future

Invent new ways of using DOTS and LINES to stimulate each child’s imagination

Module Three Design a framework for the future

Recognising that childhood is different, our children are Digital Natives leads us to realise they need something new, something more from us.

In this session we will select ideas that will support our children to

  • Explore to Evolve – developing their ideas gradually
  • Experiment to Elevate – lift their engagement to a higher skill level
  • Engage to Enrich – improve the quality of their response
  • Extend to Elaborate – Involve carefully considered thoughts
  • Excite to Enhance – Intensify, increase and further improve their understanding