Five Fabulous Fascinations Educational Retreat – Wales


When: 10-13th November 2024

Venue: Caer Beris Manor, Builth Wells, Wlaes

Join us in the heart of Wales for an unforgettable training experience. During the nine session we will be invited to collaborate around in-depth, explorations of ideas, proposals and provocations that could be child or teacher initiated and involve individuals, groups of children or the whole setting.

Our time together will take the shape of an extended professional conversation. Sessions will be focussed  on ‘doing’ experimentation, investigations and creations will be shared in the gardens, on the beach, in a darkened room and in three other curious spaces.

Picture yourself in a vibrant learning environment, surrounded by the stunning landscapes of Wales, as you delve into a comprehensive training curriculum designed to empower and inspire. Our expert facilitators, Pete Moorhouse, Catherine Clark, with our very own Alice Sharp and Marie Richardson, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, ensuring that each session is not only informative but also interactive and hands-on.

Prepare to be challenged, motivated, and invigorated as you participate in a variety of activities, discussions, and reflective exercises. Network with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and leave with a renewed sense of confidence and competence in early years.

This isn’t just a training event; it’s a unique opportunity to invest in your professional development while enjoying the breath taking backdrop of Wales. Don’t miss out on this chance to enhance your skills and connect with a community of passionate learners. Join us for four days of unparalleled training – an experience that will leave you inspired and ready to take on new challenges in your professional journey.

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Five Fabulous Fascinations Retreat

Pete Moorhouse