Early Years Educators — Ours is the most important job in the world!

Doctors might save lives, scientists might change the world, architects might design the space we live in and artists might make it beautiful; but it all begins with a small child being encouraged by YOU to be curious, investigate and discover the world around them. Early Years Educators change the world, one small step at a time.

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“Listening to Alice had an instant and huge impact on me. I found my mojo! I wanted to change what we did in my setting and how we did it” — Kate Beauly, Nutsford

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“A day with Alice put hope in my heart and ideas in my head! I know I will never look at a potato masher in quite the same way again – who knew the infinite possibilities it would hold for a child’s development?” — Ben Clay, London

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Projects — Painting


“From the moment that Alice led the team, our plans for change were supercharged with possibility but at the same time completely grounded in what really matters; the needs of the child” — Val Dermont, Blackpool

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“It quite simply changed our approach to every moment of every day; and the result has been outstanding!” — Dee Longton, Ballymena

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“It felt like Christmas when we opened the box and looked inside!” — Yu Yu Cheng, Kuala Lumpur

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