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Adventures with Alice

Make the mundane magical and every moment will matter!

A year of the finest Early Years CPD for all your staff.

Develop and inspire your team.

The one-year programme covers six key areas of learning;

• Curiosity
• Connections and Relationships
• Language
• Thinking
• Creativity and Wellbeing

What makes us different

We begin with a child then look for some research/theory backup, then to creating an environment for them to engage in with resources that are rich and offer deep learning possibility. As the partner in the play the adult needs to share in this journey as a supporter, enabler, extender, facilitator, leader.

Not to be driven by an environment, method, outcome or type pf play.

You receive

Six 50 minute films of inspirational training, bursting with vibrancy and guaranteed to challenge your thinking and demonstrate best practice. Bringing theory, research and practice to life!

A 24 page magazine which echoes and extends the themes brought to life in the films. Each one brings opportunities for you and your team to reflect, question and improve your setting

Nine posters bursting full of irresistible ideas, provocations and invitations to apply your learning


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